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UAE Citizenship – UAE Residency Visa

UAE Citizenship

UAE Residency Visas

On Saturday 30th January, 2021, UAE government announced its latest reforms regarding its visa policy. It is confirmed that the government of UAE is now granting citizenship to expatriates. UAE residency visa’s policy was also tweeted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. It stated that the UAE citizenship laws for expats are in the wake of the state’s long term growth and economic excellence.

UAE Nationality for Expatriates

UAE nationality for expats is with reference to a certain criteria. The citizenship is opened for a specific group of individuals. This includes Doctors, scientists, Investors, engineers and other creative intellectuals. Each group of people has to present its contribution to the specific fields and a minimum of ten years of experience of working. Groups like engineers and inventors require a recommendation letter from the related authorities in the UAE. The citizenship benefits pave numerous ways for the Gulf’s stability and sustainability.


UAE citizenship benefits

It is a reformative move from The Gulf’s side by allowing citizenship for expatriates. Again, this historical move comes with great benefits such as:

Economic Stability

The last decade has been quite an eventful one for the the Gulf region. UAE has turned out to be a thousand times more than it century-old culture today. It’s the melting pot of globalization and therefore, a booming economy. Citizenship in UAE for expats has resulted in a more stabilized economy than before. Inviting potential people from around the world to be its citizens is a great way to uplift its economy. Also, the workforce will increase and will deliver more to the development sector.


Gateway for Potential Investments

UAE and especially Dubai, is known for its exotic and high in demand properties. Through UAE citizenship for expats, major investments can come its way. Acquiring land/property in UAE will not only generate revenue for the state but will also prove beneficial for the investor. The repetitive visa processes will not be needed and the investor will have the freedom to visit his site anytime he likes. This whole process will indirectly boost the economy at large because the the value of the national currency will rise. Furthermore, the land/property aimed for bigger projects will attain more value and demand with time. This is the perfect opportunity for people who are looking to invest in Dubai in specific. If one falls under the UAE citizenship criteria then it is easy and trouble-free to get a Dubai residency visa. To apply for Dubai residency visa or, UAE residency visa in general, visit the UAE’s government official website.

Improved Educational Standards

The current amendment in UAE’s nationality laws for expatriates will surely boost the educational standard in and around the region. The adding of scientists, engineers and other intellectuals is the start of a new research culture at UAE. The contributions of these potential people to the educational sector are immeasurable and serve as a catalyst in bringing an educated and informed society on the front.

Boost for Local Trade

UAE citizenship benefits also bring in a boost for local trade. This in turn, promotes the local work culture and entrepreneurship by giving it an international exposure. The increase in living population results in more means of livelihood, therefore, paving more ways of growth for local communities. This also allows the women of the region to gain great exposure and find work opportunities.

Enhanced Tourism

UAE nationality for expats will definitely show a boost in tourism. Dubai as the hub for finance and tourism will amplify the tourist activities. The astounding results will bring in the State’s improved image at the international forefront. They will also leverage the position of other states in the region. Furthermore, the region will have a chance to display its cultural heritage to the world. It will become a globalized hut where people meet, explore and connect.


Globalization at its best

The new amendments in UAE citizenship law will define a new era of globalization. The chances of growth, connection and exploring potential opportunities at a global scale are exceedingly high now. Dubai residency visa stands of vital importance in this regard as it is the center for innovation and high-tech lifestyle. The number of people attracted to this beautiful city are at large and will keep growing. Dubai has inculcated world class infrastructure in its development which stands familiar with the standards of first-world communities. The familiarity becomes a point of strong attraction which brings them to experience its unique lifestyle. This also puts light on the unexplored states of the region and makes them show their extraordinary possibilities. The new citizenship for expats will also increase in the number of cultural, educational and technovative fests. These huge mass gatherings allow people to exchange ideas and hone in their executional probabilities.

Therefore, new UAE’s residence visa policy will surely make the region a pinnacle of extraordinary research and innovation.

Dubai’s Real Estate Scenario

UAE citizenship benefits keep growing in the realm of Real estate in Dubai. It is absolutely trouble free to acquire a land or any property in this Mega-city. With new amendments in the UAE citizenship laws, it is easy to connect with the right people and consultants in this regard. Their guidance will lead potential investors and buyers to their desired piece of property in no time. The whole process will be hassle-free and will guarantee excellent results in the long run.